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Boys Action, Arnhem, the Netherlands

BOYS ACTION is a foundation which aims to enlarge the enthusiasm for Theatre Dance among young boys.

We achieve this by:
teaching dance classes suited to their physical ability, connecting with the contemporary culture relevant to boys
producing Dance performances and presenting them in theaters
stimulating cultural exchanges with organizations in Holland and abroad

The boys who dance in the productions of BOYS ACTION are between 8 and 20 years old. Choreographer and dance teacher Wil Boom uses elements from modern dance, break dance, clip dance, acrobatics and gymnastics in his choreographies for the boys.

Boys Action started with its first production ‘Boys Only ‘ in 2001 in which approximately 60 boys were dancing on stage. With the choreography ‘If Only We Could Fly’ Boys Action gave two guest performances at the Vantaa Dancing Boys Event in Helsinki, Finland in 2002.

In 2003 Boys Action presented the première of its second production 'Boys meet Girl' in which approximately 70 boys had a dance encounter with individual girls.

In June 2003 Boys Action represented The Netherlands at The Kuopio Dance Festival in Kuopio ,Finland, with the choreographies ‘If Only We Could Fly’ and 'Into These Arms' in which the boys danced, rapped and sang their own lyrics. During this festival the boys also followed dance classes at a dance camp for boys.

In september 2003 Boys Action represented The Netherlands with 'Into These Arms' in the celebration ‘ Days of Dutch Culture / Window on The Netherlands’ in St. Petersburg during its 300th anniversary.

In November 2003 Boys Action performed 'Into These Arms' at the Holland Dance Festival in the Spuitheater in Den Haag.

’Boys and Girls’ was the production for 2004 in which 75 boys and 23 girls danced.

In 2005 Wil Boom choreographed "Buumi" for 79 boys of the Finnish Opera Ballet School.

In 2006 Boys Action collaborated with the Finnish Opera Ballet School and performed "Buumi" at the Dance Child International Conference in The Hague, The Netherlands.

In 2009 Boys Action traveled to Gera, the German sister city of Arnhem, to perform together with Förderverein ,TANZEN' e.V. Gera during the Geraer Tanztagen. This performance was attended by the mayor of Arnhem.

In 2010 Boys Action in collaboration with ArtEZ and Kunstfactor, organized the Expertmeeting "Let's dance boys". Special guest Ed Wubbe, artistic director Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and patron of Boys Action was present. Lectures and presentations by Ray Oudkerk (GB), Ilkka Lampi (FI) and Wil Boom (NL).

In 2011 Boys Action celebrated its 10th anniversary. For this performance Ed Wubbe, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, created "Iceberg". In september of that year Boys Action was invited by the Dutch national Ballet to perform in their celebration "YES, we can dance".

In 2012 Boys Action was invited to the conference "Ballet, Why and How" as an example of best practice. During the conference Boys Action presented a lecture and a master class about their method.

In 2013 Boys Action celebrated the web publication of the Boys Action Dance Method with "Hey boys… Action". 103 boys attended various workshops and during the official ceremony the covenant with ArtEZ School of Dance was extended for another 3 years. The website of the Boys Action Dance Method was launched by our guests Gaby Allard, Director of Artez and by Ed Wubbe, Artistic Leader Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

Boys Action has also performed in various editions of the ARDT Dance Benefit Gala. At the 10th anniversary in 2012 Boys Action performed an excerpt from "Kathleen" by our patron ED Wubbe, Scapino Ballet Rotterdan.

Currently Boys Action has a covenant with Artez School of Dance which entails a collaboration with their Preparatory School of Dance and embedding the Boys Action Dance Method in their Teachers Training Program.

Boys Action has received financial support from:
the city of Arnhem
the province Gelderland
Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds
Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie